Escapism-The more you run, then more you get into the pit !!

6 May
We often feel frustrated and irritated at a series of events that happen in our life and as a result keep us haunted and disturbed.
     And generally we spend the coming time in repairing  and mending the so called past.We take certain actions and take measures so that the things can be completed and there is no disturbance whatsoever.
     I was able to understand this thing when i was about to start writing this piece(As i had promised myself that i will write one article and each day and had not written one in a long time so i just sat down and decided to write something no matter what). Before that the mind was filled with all sorts of thought a such as why and what to write but then i realized that it is nothing but completing the work that i had left unattended in the past and as 
1. i escaped from that situation that time and as a result i have have to refrain myself from doing what is expected of me in this moment.
2. And also The sanctity of this moment is all lost when i am still trying to cover for the past.
    Now i can see that how it also leads to having complaints in life and as a result there is this lagging behind which eventually takes you deeper into this pit(which we talked about in the gyan session).
i have been able to see that escaping from anything now in this moment will further make me a bigger escapist in the coming time as i will escape from the demands of the situation of that moment and thus a cycle will be formed which will always obstruct me from dedicating myself to the right and the just thing
                                                                                      Escaping = No Excellence = Forever Mediocre
Escapism means that first of all I am escaping from the moment and find ways to postpone what ever i am supposed to do. Secondly even if i do it, it will be just for the sake for the completion of the work and hence it will be a product of a sheer mediocre mind with no hint of excellence in it because excellence is only there when i am totally immersed in the present moment irrespective of any speculation or contemplation.
     So now one by one i am finishing what ever was left incomplete in the past(which was one of the major causes  of disturbance) one by one so that from now onwards whatever i do, i do with my full creativity and also to ensure that i can be totally free of the past burdens.

The Media !! are they really fearless ?

4 May

A few days back there was no news regarding sarabjeet on any channel(except the occasional coverage based on his sisters attempt to set him free) but suddenly he was attacked by inmates and died in an unfortunate chain of events and tries to save him.
All the media suddenly gets charged up and covers this like anything including how he was framed and got brutal suffering in that paki jail.

Dear Media(and also the government)

where were you in the last 22 years he was there in that same very jail getting torture for something he dint do ?

Where were you when his sister knocked every door possible requesting a fair trial on his brother and still there was no progress whatsoever ?

Inspite of meeting the kin and shedding tears you could have done something much better i,e efforts to get him out !!

Things like this raise a question in my head as in that is the media(and offcourse the government who pays them) of todays world really living upto the standards it gotta be or its just a big bad fight of being the number one in the TRP list and luring more and more people to watch their channel ??????Image

Can i be Attentive enough ?

2 May

Every now and then i hear people talking of being so careful  and learning from their own actions and decisions etc. or being so observant in life that they will get things on their own.I have been with a bunch of people who always warn me of this and help me every now and then but giving me a reality check. Yesterday was yet another experience for me. I had decided to complete a few works before i finally lay off to sleep such as reading a portion of the book, complete some office works (which was a bit time consuming) and other chores. I reached home had dinner and decided to start off with the things after a 5 min break and decided to watch a sneek peak on a movie but in the course of time i got so involved in it and ended up watching up the movie. It was not so late after that also but had i been attentive towards the work i would have finished it then also

But involved in many thoughts and acting according to that i made a lot of plans for the completion of the work and eventually escaping from that situation which demanded my attention and efforts. A result of which was that i wasted more time before i fell of to sleep in getting frustrated and irritated on myself for being so careless before i finally got up and decided to do what ever was required of me.Even though it took a lot of sankalp but I made efforts to complete all the tasks that i had decided to accomplish.the best part of which was that i could now sleep peacefully without any pressure or tension in me. 

From this incident i learnt that it is always the thoughts that make you do anything and at the same time take you far away from what you ought to do.It is entirely on the person to decide that what does he allow to be an input to the mind. Either he can be careless(like i was earlier) and let things take up their own accord without making any efforts of his own and stay there complaining or he can be active and aware to make efforts now in this moment apart from any imagination no matter how intense they may be.Then only can something happen or else the life i am living will always be the same without any hope of a bit of change in it.