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A Guru

18 May

Sel realization is not very cheap. at the time when you are making mistakes one after the other you need someone,
a solid man of self-belief and discipline to hold you and take out of that gut you are in.
Someone who can introduce discipline, integrity and some principles in your life.
Writing the word Introduce would still leave some scope for dependence for you.
You might think of it as a wait for one such person to come into your life.
The correct or the closest word can be “Induce”. Someone who can induce this in you.
Nobody can be cited as an exact example of the realized one but that one person would have an aura(forgive me for the spirituality)
Everything done by him or with his guidance would seem right. comfort would have his own subtle contentedness.
All this would be bequeathed upon you on its own.
I guess he is what they call a GURU