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Every man for his own.

19 Jul

If it has a lot of obligations,is situational, has a lot of expectations and depends on the mood then out of everything be sure of one thing, it wont last for long. You may enjoy it now, be immersed in it and dive in in with what all u v got bt there ll b a time when u ll realize that it ws not worth it.
All the promises, the commitments no matter how honest with them, share it with a wrong person n u ll land deeper in the pit.(donn worry, everyone will fall in it eventually).
  Its totally on u to decide(u ll have to anyway) as to what seed u want to sprout in your life. One full of insecurities,doubts,lack of faith, vch gvs u even more demons to fight with or a seed which ll take you somewhere else along with itself whr u can actually b at home n d foremost where u hv lesser n lesser demons to fight. i can just imagine bt im sure there ll b a time when dr r no demons left to fight cos without u knowing u transformed.


Observe yourself in your relationships.

3 Jul

If u really want to know about yourself and want to see how corrupt and rotten you are, just observe yourself in relation to your relationships. Just observe yourself being jealous,insecure,possessive and you will have a direct confrontation wd urself and u ll know that u do not have any right to be in love with anyone coz d love u know of, it stinks.