The Media !! are they really fearless ?

4 May

A few days back there was no news regarding sarabjeet on any channel(except the occasional coverage based on his sisters attempt to set him free) but suddenly he was attacked by inmates and died in an unfortunate chain of events and tries to save him.
All the media suddenly gets charged up and covers this like anything including how he was framed and got brutal suffering in that paki jail.

Dear Media(and also the government)

where were you in the last 22 years he was there in that same very jail getting torture for something he dint do ?

Where were you when his sister knocked every door possible requesting a fair trial on his brother and still there was no progress whatsoever ?

Inspite of meeting the kin and shedding tears you could have done something much better i,e efforts to get him out !!

Things like this raise a question in my head as in that is the media(and offcourse the government who pays them) of todays world really living upto the standards it gotta be or its just a big bad fight of being the number one in the TRP list and luring more and more people to watch their channel ??????Image


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